Blue Sky Renewable Energy Initiative

The Biomass Innovation Centre at Nipissing University received an Education Grant from the Community Energy Partnerships Program (CEPP) for a Blue Sky Renewable Energy Initiative. All the details for this program are available at

Renewable energy comes from sources that are widely available and naturally replenished such as solar power, wind power, hydropower, and bioenergy. Locally owned renewable energy generation creates jobs, stimulates economic growth, and gives communities a greater control over their power system in an era of rising energy prices and climate change.

This year long initiative is intended to raise awareness, inspire action, and increase capacity for the development of renewable energy projects in the Blue Sky Region by:

  1. Delivering a Community Energy Shift Project with four communities in the Blue Sky Region.
  2. Making renewable energy information and resources available through a Blue Sky Renewable Energy Initiative Website.
  3. Helping to form a Blue Sky Renewable Energy Network. The website provides space for Blue Sky Region members to network and share their experiences and support for the ongoing development of renewable energy projects.

Community Energy Shift Project

The Community Energy Shift Project is intended to:

  • Build awareness around the opportunities for community renewable energy projects.
  • Facilitate the visioning of a desirable energy future for your community.
  • Inspire action through case studies, best practices and shared experiences from guest speakers.
  • Identify opportunities and priorities for shifting towards your desirable energy future.
  • Provide resources, information, and connect potential projects with technical experts to help with pre-feasibility and next steps.
  • Share resources and other materials related to this project (i.e. workshop designs, presentations, findings, status, photographs, etc.) through the Blue Sky Renewable Energy Initiative website and create space on this website for people to network and help each other with the development of renewable energy projects.

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