HARNESSING BIOMASS II: Support for Northern Ontario Bioeconomy Initiatives

November 22 & 23 , 2011
Clarion Resort Pinewood Park, North Bay, ON

Since the first HARNESSING BIOMASS Conference took place in 2009 new projects have started across the province, which are contributing to an innovative and sustainable bioeconomy for the north. The purpose of this conference was to build on successes and encourage additional biomass related projects by individuals, communities and companies . The main objectives of the conference were to:

• Increase knowledge about Ontario’s current and potential bioeconomy;
• Provide technical support for local forest-origin and agricultural (i.e., purpose grown energy crops) biomass initiatives; and
• Learn about what other groups across northern Ontario are doing with respect to biomass-related project development.

Welcome Message

Session A: Forest Origin Feedstocks

Challenges and Opportunities in Building Ontario's Bioeconomy
Warren Mabee, Queen's University, warren.mabee@queensu.ca

Sustainable Bioenergy: Forest Professionals' Perspective
John Pineau, Canadian Institute of Forestry, jpineau@cif-ifc.org

Transforming the Canadian Forest Sector: What's in it for You?
Paul Lansbergen, Forest Products Association of Canada, plansbergen@fpac.ca

Assessing the Competitiveness of Ontario's Forest Bioproducts Industry
Indarajit Majumdar, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, indrajit.majumdar@ontario.ca

Using Remote Sensing Tools to Operationally Estimate Biomass on the Romeo Malette Forest
Murray Woods, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, murray.woods@ontario.ca

Harnessing the Costs of Forest Biomass in the GLSL Forest
Denis Cormier, FPInnovations, denis.cormier@fpinnovations.ca

Session B: Field Trip to Recent Biomass Harvesting Operations

Handout - Field Tour Overview
Handout - Increased Biomass Utilization During Partial Harvests
Map - Biomass Research Plots in Ontario
Map - Tembec Block 183 Treatments
Map - Tembec Block 183 Depletions

Session C: Purpose Grown Energy Crops

Growing Herbaceous Biomass Crops for Fibre and Energy Markets
Roger Samson, Resource Efficient Agricultural Production (REAP) Canada, rsamson@reap-canada.com

Short Rotation Woody Crops: Systems Development and Supply Chain Analysis in Canada
Derek Sidders, Natural Resources of Canada, dsidders@nrcan.gc.ca

A Life Cycle Approach to Evaluate Total Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Short Rotation Willow (Salix spp.) Crops for Bioenergy
Kumudinie Kariyapperuma, University of Guelph, kkumudin@alumi.uoguelph.ca

Pathfinding the Economics and Agronomics of Agricultural Biomass in Ontario
Nick Betts, Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association, nick.betts@ontariosoilcrop.org

Looking for Biofuel Partners: the Blue Sky Co-op
Rosanne Van Schie, Algonquin Agro Energy Inc., info@algonquinagroenergy.com

Session D: Project Development and Funding Opportunities

The Entrepreneur: Are They the Chicken or the Egg?
Glenn Brophey, Nipissing University, glennb@nipissingu.ca

Provincial Funding Opportunities
Siobhan O'Leary, Ontario Ministry of Northen Development & Mines, siobhan.oleary@ontario.ca

FedNor Program Update
Guy Paquette, Government of Canada, guy.paquette@ic.gc.ca

Peter Åsman, FPInnovations, peter.asman@fpinnovations.ca

Biomass Value Proposition
Stephen Roberts, Ontario Ministry of Northern Development & Mines, stephen.roberts@ontario.ca

Funding Biomass Projects in Ontario: How the Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bioeconomy (CRIBE) Fits into the Provincial Funding Map
Scott Wiebe, CRIBE, scott.wiebe@cribe.ca

Summary of Funding & Grants

Session E: Technical Specifications

Heavy Consequences of Moisture Content on Biomass for Energy
Denis Cormier, FPInnovations, denis.cormier@fpinnovations.ca

Wood Pellet Production and Technology
Peter Åsman, FPInnovations, peter.asman@fpinnovations.ca

Torrefaction and Gasification Technologies for Biomass Conversion
Animesh Dutta, University of Guelph, adutta@uoguelph.ca

Proper Boiler Installation: Rules and Regulations
Harvey Mehes, Key to the North Sales Agency, hmehes@personalinternet.com

An Introduction to District Heating
John Stephenson, FVB Energy Inc., jstephenson@fvbenergy.com

Video Link - District Energy: Now's the Time!

Video Link - Glenshellach District Heating Scheme

Video Link - Barnsley, UK, District Biomass Heating from Local Tree Waste

Session F: Case Studies

The Wallace Project: Electricity from Biomass?
Jim Liddell, Comsatec Inc., jliddell2@cogeco.ca

Levering a Biomass Energy Retrofit Project for Learning and Research
Colin Kelly, Confederation College, collin.kelly@confederationc.on.ca

Sustainability, Community and the Bioeconomy: Building Resilience for the North
Desneiges Larose, Hearst Economic Development Corporation, sustainable-durable@hearst.ca

Short Rotation Coppice and Pellet Production on The North Shore
Saul Fraleigh, Fibre Focus, saulfraleigh@fibrefocus.com

Closing Message

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