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Northern Ontario Bioenergy Tour 2014
Green Energy Doors Open 2014 - Blue Sky Bioenergy Tour
Bioeconomy Week in Thunder Bay - Community Seminar, Training Session, OPG-BLRC Official Opening, CanBio Conference
Anishinabek Nation and Nipissing University - MOU Signing
World Bioenergy 2014
Connecting Communities - Building Futures II: Fuels, ChEMS and Composites
Sustainable School Salut: South Shores Education Centre
Green Energy Doors Open 2013
Harnessing Biomass I: From the Forest to the Marketplace
Harnessing Biomass II: Support for Northern Ontario Bioeconomy Initiatives
EU-Can BioPower Partnership
Developing Models for Local Forest Energy (Gallery at bottom of page)
Tour of Quality Hardwoods
Bioenergy Mission to Europe
Out and About