Connecting Communities - Building Futures
Fueling Growth and Driving Change

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The Connecting Communities – Building Futures conference was successful in providing networking and learning opportunities for participants from across Ontario. The overall goal of the conference was to provide useful information that will help to drive change and lead to the development of demonstration projects.

The call for creating working groups formed by local champions was answered, and space is still available for those who are interested in driving sustainable change and developing local economic opportunities. We are looking for those individuals who are interested in policy advocacy and/or assisting with identification and development of bioenergy installations. Please email “I want to be a champion!" to

Conference Presentations

Megan Smith, Project Manager, Biomass Innovation Centre
Welcome and Overview

Session A: Problems to Opportunities - Connecting the dots

Kristopher Stevens, Executive Director, Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) Sustainability: Drivers for Effective Policy

Dr. Tat Smith, Professor and Dean Emeritus, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto and Associate Leader for IEA Bioenergy Task 43
Mobilizing Sustainable Bioenergy Supply Chains

Ross MacLeod, Owner, MacLeod Agriculture Enterprises
Agricultural Biomass: A Northern Ontario Perspective

Session B: Opportunities to Solutions - Exploring the options available

Cornelius Suchy, Owner, Canadian Biomass Energy Research Inc.
Biomass Fuel: More Smiles Per Hour Than Any Other Fuel

Rick Hopp, Chief Executive Officer, Evergreen BioHeat Ltd.
Biomass Heating Systems for Residential Applications

Bruno Zrno, Biomass Engineering Coordinator, Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc.
Biomass Boilers for Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial Applications

John Stephenson, Project Manager, FVB Energy Inc.
District Heating Systems for Communities

Sesson C: What You Need to Know - Navigating through the planning process...

Dawn Lambe, Community Liaison, Biomass Innovation Centre
Bioenergy Project Approvals: Navigating the Labyrinth

Harry French, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Sustainability Services
Financial Incentives for Biomass Heat and Power Projects

Session D: Who’s Doing It? and How We Get There Building support for biomass in the Blue Sky Region and beyond

Megan Smith, Project Manager, Biomass Innovation Centre

Biomass Innovation Centre: Supporting Ontario’s Bioeconomy

John Severino, Manager of Environmental Services, The City of North Bay
Biogas Generation at Merrick Landfill in North Bay

Dr. Dominik Röser, Research Leader - Forest Feedstocks, FPInnovations
Successful Biomass Community Heating Projects in Europe and Canada

Dr. Jamie Stephen, Managing Director, Torchlight Bioresources Inc.
Building a Biomass Roadmap for the Blue Sky Region of Ontario

Future Initiatives for the Biomass Innovation Centre

The BIC plans to pursue several initiatives over the coming months to promote and build a robust bioeconomy for Ontario. These projects include policy advocacy for bioenergy regulations, development of a web based learning portal, delivery of community workshops focused on design seminars, developing new partnerships with like-minded organizations, and assisting in the development of demonstration projects throughout the region.


















Trade Show Exhibitors

City of North Bay
Evergreen BioHeat Ltd.
FVB Energy Inc.
Jack's Sales Service
Millson Forestry Service
Viessman Manufacturing Company Inc.
Wellons FEI Corp.