Green Energy Doors Open 2013

The BIC participated in the first annual Green Energy Doors Open 2013 event on October 5, 2013, hosted by the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA). Green Energy Doors Open is a province-wide showcase of sustainable energy projects, where individuals can get an up-close glimpse of innovative projects right in their back yards.

For this event the BIC arranged for a tour of the Merrick Landfill Power Plant – a local biogas project which extracts methane gas from the landfill and converts it into electricity. This plant is owned and operated by North Bay Hydro.

A few highlights of this facility:
• Plant generates 1.6 MW energy
• Connected to the grid and is part of the FIT program (20 year contract)
• Project cost was $4 million
• Began producing power in June 2012
• Methane collection has been in place since 2004 (vented and flared), so knowledge of the quantity of methane was already known
• Approval process took 4 years
• 20-cylinder, 2,000 HP diesel engine was modified to burn on landfill gas