Since establishment in the spring of 2009, the Biomass Innovation Centre has been involved in a number of diverse initiatives.

The BIC’s first official event was on October 2009 - the sold-out Harnessing Biomass: from the forest to the marketplace conference, which involved over 450 participants and over 60 speakers. As a result of this conference, the BIC prepared a document that listed the much needed forest biomass R&D requirements - ranging from policy to research to education.

It was evident that there was much to be done towards developing a sustainable next-generation bioeconomy within the region. The BIC took this as a call to action, further solidifying our mandate to supporting a robust bioeconomy within Northern Ontario.

In March 2010, the BIC received the a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation - Future Fund Grant - Building Skills for the Green Economy - which has served as the core of our operational support to date. The purpose of the grant is to help establish biomass as one of the new clean technologies in the province, and to support the economic growth of Northern Ontario by developing workforce skills and knowledge in a range of jobs and professions. Under the grant we have been developing a broad range of workshops, seminars, certificate programs and course curriculum to address the anticipated training needs in the bioenergy sector.

Since 2009, the BIC has hosted/organized as well as participated in numerous:

• Community seminars
• Workshops
• Training sessions
• Public talks/presentations
• Research and consulting services
• Strategy sessions
• Working groups
• Community outreach
• Facility tours
• Film screenings
• Webinars

The BIC has been able to participate in a wide variety of programs and initiatives through the generous support from:

• Nipissing University
• Ontario Trillium Foundation
• National Research Council Canada
• Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation
• FedNor
• Community Energy Partnership Program
• Forestry Research Partnership
• RDEE Ontario
• Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Look for the BIC to continue supporting the development of Ontario’s bioeconomy, and its corresponding social, environmental and economic opportunities.